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Feed Problem

Posted Apr 09 2009 5:44pm

Updated on 8 April 7.05pm: My guru is holding my hand (virtually) doing this nerve-racking thing now.

Updated at 11.56pm: I tried to resubscribe my blog on Google Reader and this is the new error message:

“All About Your Child<br/> <b>Fatal error</b>: Cannot use object of type HeadSpace2 as array in <b>/home/rich1568/public_html/wp-content/plugins/headspace2/models/heads on line <b>169</b><br/>” has no unread items.

so it seems that the hostgator guy was right! There is a plugin that’s in conflict with the feed.

But I DIDN’T install it!!!! Its just that every now and then, my auto-plugin-upgrade plugin will help me upgrade the latest versions of different plugins. So I don’t bother to remember which plugin was upgraded.But my huge question now is, HEADSPACE2 is a very important plugin. What will happen to my blog if I remove it????!!! Still waiting for the answer from my gurus….

Updated at 5.31pm: Now MY FEED DOES NOT WORK AGAIN!!!! *faint*

Updated at 3.04pm: I went to FeedBurner and was told to transfer my feeds to my Google Account. I did as told. At the same time I was talking to Hostgator, the hosting co. for this blog. The guy told me that I’d installed a new plugin which is in conflict with my feeds. He said he had de-activated it. Hmmm…. But when I check my plugins, nothing was de-activated. And the next thing was, the feeds are (HALF) WORKING again! The feed page does not give error message BUT it DID NOT update my posts on Google Reader either. When I went to Ling’s or Blessed Mom’s site and click on my title on their sidebar, it DID NOT BRING ME to this blog like before, it brings me to the feed page. *sigh*….

Updated at 11.44am:Blessed Mom said the same thing!

Post started at 10am: I had been wondering why did my blog’s traffic dropped so drastically over the past few days. Today Ling, told me that she was not able to receive updates from my blog for 3 days.

I realised that my feed, is not working and I have no idea why or how to solve it. This is the error message that came up:

XML Parsing Error: no element found
Line Number 15, Column 1:

I have sent out ‘urgent calls’ to all the techni-gurus that I know of, hope this problem gets resolved FAST.

Have you NOT been getting updates from my blog too?

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