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Fast Paced Face

Posted Feb 01 2010 4:18am
Since returning to work, I've perfected my makeup application to a slapped on job that looks like I spent the time. (My hair, however, is another story and basically reflects the lack of time spent.)
I own so much makeup and love to play with it, but I also have a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning. I set out my clothes the night before. I shower the night before. I do everything to make it so I can essentially roll out of bed and out the door within a ten minute time span.

In the week of returning to work, I've whittled down my routine so that I use a very limited number of products, yet allow for a little color variation depending on what I'm wearing. This is also great for traveling because it means packing a minimal amount of items, yet still having on a full face of makeup. And while I admire those of you don't wear any makeup, I'm just not that person.
Now I should add that when it comes to makeup, I do feel that costlier products do a better job--for a lot of reasons. I'm all for buying generic just about everything, but when it comes to something I'm going to put on my face... I've found that brands sold at cosmetic counters or at Sephora really DO work better than brands sold at Walgreen's. Because they are better quality, you do not have to use as much during an application, nor do they require much touch up during the day, so there is a balance. Also, BRUSHES ARE YOUR FRIENDS. Sponges are inferior for applying both eyeshadow and foundation. Not interested in spending a small fortune on brushes? Sonia Kashuk brand at Target is pretty good for the price. (Interested in spending a small fortune on brushes? Talk to me.) Also, for those of you who don't know, I have done a fair amount of wedding makeup, and if you go here, and click on the slideshow that says C'est Moi Salon, I did all the makeup for that shoot. So while I'm not formally trained, I do have a tiny bit of experience on which to fall back.

For my easy full face, I gather the following items:
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (I used Pink Quartz for this look, but any of them will suffice)
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge
Chocolate Gel Eyeliner
Also, a foundation brush, a cheek brush, two eyeshadow brushes, and a liner brush.

And start with a bare face, which I have decorated with hearts in an attempt to distract you from the bags under my eyes.
Just for fun, I timed myself. From start to finish, it takes three minutes to go from scary face... to a much more polished look. I like polished. So do my students, who would recoil in shock and horror if I walked in looking like that first photo. UNLESS I carry a frame of candy hearts around my head. Oh, and I really do not like full on face shots and so it was hard for me to not put a candy heart frame on this one, too. And actually, I think that this picture is a better representation of how my makeup looked because it's not such a harsh shot, but also it's only half my face because I'm not really good at taking photos of myself.
Edit: I have no idea why this photo is unavailable. The html is correct, the photo works through Flickr, and it worked earlier this morning. Sorry!
The best part of this is that so many of the items are multi-use. I used the shimmer brick for my cheeks and my eyes, using the darker brown strips for the lashline and the pink for a browbone highlight. The pot rouge was applied to both my lips and cheeks. I use a moisturizing foundation so I don't need to apply moisturizer. Bobbi Brown is great about making a lot of products that can fulfill two or more uses. Bobbi Brown did not pay me or give me anything for this, I just really like her products. But if she'd like to pay me and/or give me free products, I wouldn't turn that down.

I hope you learned something, if not just "Wow, Erin spends a lot of money on makeup." What are your makeup tips and secrets?
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