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Fashion {Thursday} Post & Night time potty training advice

Posted Sep 23 2009 10:36pm




Lucky ducks, you guys get two fashion posts in one week!!!

Jacket: Wet Seal, $10, bought years ago and have only worn once. Well, now twice. I think it's making a comeback in my wardrobe though, because I think I quite like it.

Top: Forever 21, $19. Soooo, I returned that plaid little number from a few FF's ago, and got this (and some other things, whoops!) instead. This just feels more like me and my style.

Pants: Huh, what a surprise....Forever 21. I swear, this's taking over the world. I actually bought these pants 7 years ago and they are still in perfect condition. See? You don't have to spend a ton in order to get quality stuff. Ha!

Shoes: Zara, $4 {my thrift store} And yes, I Lysol'd the shizz out of these and put in yummy smelling inserts. I'm clean like that.

Ring: another purchase, lovin it.

Bracelet: Who knows. =)

Speaking of fashion....I have a potty training question, um, for my four and a half year old.

So, he's totally potty trained...except for at night. We've had him in pull ups, and every single morning they are always wet.

No matter what.

But, we are broke (what with all my fashion friday spending) and it's clothes before pull ups, so things had to change. It was time to say buh-bye to the pull ups.

Anyway, so it's been about a week, and I'm getting just a little sick of wet sheets. Repeat: I. Am. SICK. of. wet. freaking. sheets!

We limit the water intake at night, we take him potty before we go to bed, and yet still....wet. freaking. sheets.

I might also mention, he FREAKS the EFF out when we get him up. He's all shaking around as though he's stuck his wet finger in a socket and he screams and cries, and then proceeds to pee without aim all over the bathroom floor. And the following morning he remembers not a thing.

So that's been a whole lotta fun.

Um, not so much.

I need help. Seriously? He's almost five. It's time.

How are your children staying dry at night?!? And please tell me that his future wife won't be cursing me because I never taught my son how to 'hold it' at night. Because that would just be embarrassing. For her.

My fashion friday budget depends on your advice. You like Fashion Fridays right? Then you MUST help.

© 2009 "Le Musings of Moi"
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