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Family of four…..eyes

Posted May 20 2009 10:35pm

So we visited the pediatric ophthalmologist last week since we were due for our routine eye exam. Derby looked good, his eyes are straight with moments of crossing but the Doctor was happy with where Derby was. Then on to Loen. When they did her exam under anesthesia back in August her eyes looked good except for some minor nearsightedness. Tadd and I are both nearsighted so there was a fairly good chance the kids would be as well. The doctor also said that it is common in kids who had ROP and the corrective laser surgery. They dilated her eyes to get a good look but first they used a autorefractor to get a quick reading on her myopia. It was an unusual number so the doctor did a manual exam and found that Loen is severely myopic. We had no clue, she seemed to see things just fine. To be sure there was no mistake we were scheduled to repeat the test the next morning but this time using a stronger medication to dilate her eyes. The results were the same, Loen needed coke bottle glasses. Perhaps we should buy stock in Miraflex glasses.

Today we picked up her new glasses and she did seem to be happier. She was running around the house and getting into everything. She took off her glasses a few times but kept them on for the most part. Perhaps Derby can learn from her example! Below are some pics of them playing with their fab new water/sand table they got from Meemaw Lisa.

I can SEE you!

HA HA I’m not the only one who has to wear glasses now!

Let me help you with this Derby

I have a feeling we will be doing this a lot

She HAD to have the pink glasses

Private joke between twins

Derby threw his glasses in the water. Good thing Loen was there to rescue them

You need to wear them Derby

I love this table!

Someone got a little out of hand with splashing

Daddy’s beard is itchy

Derby decided he was over playtime


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