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Falling Furniture, the Zoo, and Some Late Night Teething

Posted Oct 01 2008 12:00am
I had planned on posting much earlier - once the boys went to bed - but I lacked the ability to keep my eyes open long enough and slept for two hours on the couch. In my defense it has been a long day. To give Daddy a break the boys and I went out for the day - hanging with Shannon, Gina, and Baby Nate. All was good - it was a calm fun uneventful morning, but then, as I was getting the car ready for a zoo trip - Gina calls me back inside and I hear Tommy screaming - he tipped a mini-media-cabinet-thing over on himself and was screaming. The poor kid, he was scared and hurt, and it took me probably around 20 minutes to get him calmed down - I wasn't too concerned, until he tried to walk (operative word being tried) - so off to the walk in we go (thank you Shannon for watching Jack!!). The wait was blessedly short and the staff incredibly friendly. In less than an hour we were seen, x-rayed and sent on our way. Fortunately no major injury, just a bad bruise and a sore baby.

Yeah - mommy took pictures of Tommy at the clinic

Stickers in hand - well actually on shirt - we headed out to meet Gina, Nate, Shannon, and Jack at the zoo (injuries or not we were determined to see the penguins). We only had an hour until closing so it was definitely the abridged zoo tour - but plenty enough. Tommy saw his penguins, and we managed to squeeze in a couple other animals before we headed out - and of course we took pictures. Although none with actual animals - just pumpkins (yup pumpkins at the zoo) and of course I finally have a picture of my boys with the big metal dog. (maybe next time I will get them out of the strollers with the dog)

At home Tommy definitely was favoring his leg, but doing much better - I have a feeling he will be really stiff tomorrow morning. He went back and forth between laying exhausted on the couch, and playing in typical Tommy fashion. Jack was pretty good when we got home too - and started showing off his pre-crawl skills, the little guy is definitely starting to get mobile.

If you check out the post time - you may notice that it is kinda late to be posting (well late for a mommy of two who enjoys sleep). Why so late you might ask...refer to exhibit A - cranky teething refluxing little man (aka Jack-cranky-pants).


Or just playing with Mommy?

Am I really sitting with my camera snapping pics late night since I am posting and awake - yup...why not. Of course little man is now sound asleep in his bouncy seat - don't ask me to move him, its not going to happen. He and I will be spending the evening in the living room I think.

Oops...cranky pants woke up...

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