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Face Lift

Posted Nov 02 2009 10:01pm

Face lift and an overhaul….I could use both…but its my blog that is undergoing them.   This will take a little while–to finish its new look and get it working complete with new widgets etc..  My husband (technical with no time) and me (technically challenged) are DIYing this…and so will take a little time.  Meanwhile I’m going to keep on blogging.

This Monday morning my brain has been working so far (love that).  I just paid our bills online.  Isn’t it amazing to be able to pay bills online?  As a mostly homebounder I find this almost magical.  After I click the “submit payment” I get this ”warm and wonderful…wow… I can still do important stuff”  feeling.   As those of you physically challenged by ME/CFS and other energy draining conditions which don’t allow much “doing”, I know you can relate to how terrific it feels to get something done.

What an age to be home-bound in.  Being home-bound isn’t much fun (subject for another post), but to be so now, at a time when you can pick up an electronic machine small and lite enough to fit on your lap, and use it to pay your bills….communicate with friends…do some shopping…research without going to the library…just blows me away!

Okay, I can feel my brain tiring…darn it, time for a cognitive rest.  Time to pull myself away from my amazing laptop, my window that lets me step out into the world without moving my feet.   This is never easy, kind of like pulling gum off a shoe….but if I want to be able to think later…got to do it.  Sigh…okay…here goes…

Happy Monday my friends.  May you feel as well as you possibly can.

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