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Eye Shadow Colors.

Posted Oct 18 2008 2:28pm
I think that the most common question I’m asked is, What color eye shadow should I wear? I would say the only hard and fast rule is this, “don’t try to match your eye color.” If you do, you will cancel the eye out. Also, if you wear a bright color that overpowers the eye, then that will pull the focus.

If you don’t mind people saying, What great eye shadow as opposed to What beautiful eyes you have, then iridescent is for you. I prefer to find colors that complement the eye and have the effect of making the eye pop.

A color wheel is a useful tool, if you’re just starting. Colors opposite each other on the wheel complement each other. So, brown complements blue, green complements red, etc. In real life, this means that brown will pop a blue eye. Violet and purple look wonderful on a green eye. Brown eyes really have it all. You can wear anything as long as you don’t try to match the brown. You’ll cancel your eye out. I love gold on any eye, but I especially love it on brown eyes. Place it on the lid just above the iris.

When I’m working on a hazel eye, I like to pick one of the colors in the eye and use it as a liner. You can really change the color of the eye that way. Our shadows make wonderful liners – dry or wet. All of our shades have been picked to enhance eye colors – not to ice the cake!
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