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Eye Injury

Posted Feb 16 2011 5:23am

Prank calls are nuisance. Yet, I wished the call at 11.55am  from Binbin’s teacher was one.

She was the same Chinese teacher who taught Keatkeat throughout his pre-school times. Thus we have known each other for 4 years now. A teacher who has always been very fond of Binbin too and had once said that Binbin is smarter than his bro when Binbin was in nursery and Keatkeat was in Kindergarten 2.

Binbin is off from school at 12pm daily and the phone call came just 5mins before dismissal. Allan was the one who picked up the call and related the message to me, “Ms Chen called and said that Binbin had an eye injury because his friend hit onto him. She is at the clinic now with Binbin and want to meet us there.”

My heart skipped many beats.

I almost thought my heart stopped.

Ok, he had his toe injuries in July 2010 and again on another foot in December 2010 , which have not fully recovered yet; and now, the EYE?!!

Of All Places, must it be the EYE?!!

And he is scheduled for the routine eye-check tomorrow!

My heart beat came back but doubled the rhythm. My mind was going wild. In a completely messy-hair-state, I rushed down to the clinic with Allan.

The signs that 5 year old boy’s face had been washed with tears were obvious, but the most painful moment was over for him already; so there he sat quietly, with his little red nose and stunned face, waiting for us. Facial movement was restricted on purpose, fearing to aggravate the injured eye.

My imagination was way too good for Hollywood movies! *laugh* It was not as bad as I had pictured it. Yes, it was definitely red and a little swollen. Although I have said over and over again that Binbin has an abnormal level of pain tolerance, but if my boy can stop crying without any treatment, then, the pain should be bearable.

Ms Chen kept apologizing and related the accident to Allan outside the clinic, while I sat and waited for the doctor to call for Binbin.

Ms Chen’s version of the story: “K.S. snatched the toy-sheet, which is made of cardboard, from your son and the edge hit into his eye.”

Binbin’s version of the story: “K.S. snatched the board from me and swing it left and right to shoo other children away, then the board hit my eye.”

Allan and I understand that with kids, accidents do happen. So we were not blame-y in anywhere at all.

In the end she looked more worried than I was. She kept repeating, “So sorry. I was so afraid that your son will go blind because the cardboard was really hard. I am so sorry. The school will pay for the medical bills. Even for the re-visits to the clinic for the eye injury, the school will pay. Not to worry. I am so sorry. So sorry…”

We ended up consoling her throughout the time at the clinic. *laugh*

Doctor said the iris was not hurt. So it should recover in 3 days time. Oral and eye drop were prescribed. Before we left, he did something nerve-racking. He squeezed out a tube of toothpaste-like jell onto a cotton-stick and applied INTO Binbin’s eye!

*My Eyes Widened*

“You are such a brave boy! Mommy should be very proud of you. Most children would not cooperate when I do this.” the doctor praised. (Tell me about it man! I, being an adult, would have difficulty cooperating to That too man!)

The following photo was taken 5 hours later, after his lunch and his nap. See the blot of red? Just 1-2mm away from the iris, which according to the doctor could have affected his vision, if it had hit onto it. *phew* He is still a lucky boy!

Not too bad isn’t? *smile*

Still, I am worried about his eye check tomorrow. Will it affect his test for myopia? Afterall, it was a ‘shock’ to the eye, right?


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