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Every Child Deserves to Make Mom Uncomfortable

Posted Apr 24 2012 10:57am
There comes a time in most children's lives when they take a long hard critical look at mom or dad.

Who are they and what are they doing to me! What am I doing with this silly bow on my head? Don't they know I have some self-respect. Why are you making my life so difficult?

For some kids this milestone happens early in life, others not until decades of psychotherapy and an unpublished memoir. I'm happy to have captured that critical gaze early on in my daughter's life, a look I'd come to know and often admire.  

Shouldn't every child get a chance to wonder what's up with the adults, especially the parents?

I think so. I wish we could help keep more kids healthy so they could achieve this milestone. Every one of the 1 in 5 who don't have access to childhood immunizations should have a shot at making mom feel uncomfortable. Now that would be progress.  Here's to those challenging looks from our kids!

Be a Child's Shot at Life.

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