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Even stay-at-home moms can get in shape!

Posted May 30 2012 7:30am
Following up my last entry about my and hubby’s (abandoned) fitness quest, I decided it was time to get serious. After all, there is no reason a stay-at-home mom with two sets of twins can’t achieve a rocking body. Just look at Cher or Britney.

How hard could it be?

Pretty hard....if you start thinking about how to start and what areas of improvement (read: body parts) to start with.

So why not start with those most visible and ogle-worthy of body parts – breasts. And after having two sets of twins or so (your mileage may vary), these headlights could definitely go for a tune-up.

I may just have found a cheap alternative to a tune up, er, breast lift . Manual breast lifts!

I watched a YouTube video the other day of a big beefy guy wiggling his pectorals. Is that what gives them that shape? Maybe I could try that. Wiggle to the left, wiggle to the right. Rinse and repeat. Do this a few times a day for a month and voila: no more sag problem.

As far as the bumper goes, squats are a cheap alternative to the Brazilian butt lift. Squat over a chair and squeeze a few times daily, and you have a bumper worthy of Brazil.

For overall fitness, it’s not hard to work some cardio into even a stay-at-home mom’s busy routine. Turn on some high energy beats and dance around with the mop. Kill two birds with the proverbial stone: cleaning and cardio.

Old wives’ style wisdom about finding something you enjoy that also produces sweat holds true.

Exercise as a chore never lasts long. Make it something you enjoy and don’t set rules or schedules for it. Making it something you have to do takes the energy out of it. Instead, make it enticing.

If you love to jog, treat yourself to some colorful workout gear, and browse ITunes for some inspiring iPod beats. Do the same for cardio. Put your shoes and other gear out ready to go. These items can’t call for you if they're in the closet.

Getting the kids involved makes finding the time easier. Take them jogging or to the park. Skating or sight-seeing is always fun as well as calorie-busting.

It’s tough getting back into shape as a stay-at-home mom. So, ditch the rules and make it fun. We deserve it! Our headlights and bumpers may just thank us by shining bright once again!

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