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Erythema Multiforme-flu shot reaction.

Posted Dec 21 2008 4:33pm

It's been since October and it's been pretty crazy this past almost two months.  Last year I posted a blog about "O" having HSP ( Henoch-Schönlein purpura ) which we now know she doesn't have but is allergic to the flu shot and causes her to suffer from Erythema multiforme.  As soon as I saw the spot on the right side of her face I knew that we would be going through the same thing last year and that she is allergic to the flu shot.  Before I could get her into the doctor she was suffering from high fevers as high as 104.3°, so with that I was giving her benadryl every 4 hours, advil whatever the label said to give her and oatmeal baths every hour and a half.  It's funny, every time that it's December and "The Hubby's" in California she has this.  Not really but this year he was in LA for the week so it wasn't a whole lot of fun.  That was about two weeks ago and in the words of "O", the polka dots are gone now. 

Luckily we are patients at Mayo and our family doctor knew what to do as far as who to send her to.  He had one of his associates come in and she was telling me that "O" had the measles and I flat out kept telling her no it's not that, it's not chicken pox it's a reaction.  She tried to send me to one of her dermatology friends in Chandler, AZ and I was talking with our doctor and luckily he knew better and just sent us to the pediatric dermatologist at the clinic in Scottsdale.  She once again was seen by three people there and they were really sweet and were able to give me something stronger than benadryl since she was starting to scratch the dots.  They ended up putting her on a type of hydrocortisone cream and also an antidepressant as an antihistamine.  Luckily we have been done with the medicines for almost a whole week.  So now we get to go get our pictures taken with Santa now that she's back to normal.  All she has left a little cold sore but I think maybe one or two more days and that's gone.

So not only were we dealing with that which was a lot more minor to me than last year, I guess because I've been through it before it's not as scary and we were at home and not in California.  I ran in the Aflac Iron Girl 5k at the beginning of December and I was able to run a quarter of a mile which for me wasn't bad because I was not training at all.  I tried to start my 30/30 plan but with "O" being sick and now "N's" out of school for the break so I don't know when I'll be training.  I was supposed to be halfway done with my training regimen by now I know that she's ok and I'll start running either in the morning before "The Hubby" has to leave for the office or after he gets home at night.  He's a little frustrated with me because I'm not into the running right now, the reason why he's frustrated is because I was all for the training but after I found out "O" was sick I was focusing on her that I still haven't gotten back into it.  The kids also ran in their first race the same day I had my Iron Girl race, they ran in a 100 meter race and "The Hubby" ran in the 4 mile Cave Creek Luminaries run.  It was fun because theirs was at night so while "The Hubby" was doing his run the kids and I did a jumpy thing, made smores and then listened to a person reading stories in the bookstore.  After the race they served chili and you could buy beer so "The Hubby" had one and we ran into a kid from "N's" school so we chatted with his parents.  It was just a lot of fun.

So my girlfriend promised to watch the kids so we can go run in the Midnight Madness race on New Years Eve.  Luckily I re-read the directions because the race is closer to the house than I thought so we can actually stay probably for the race festivities like eating chili and stuff.  I have to take advantage of this weather since this will be the last winter I'll be able to safely run without worrying about falling on the ice.  I should get going because we are going to make cookies after the football game is done.

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