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Erg. Brain freeze.

Posted May 19 2010 6:00pm

Why is it that whenever there is some big drama I go to the cave for a while? Wait, because it’s emotionally draining and I have a cave handy? Oh, right.

I’m so over the idiots and the hate mail from the weekend and am happy to say that they are just part of the package now. It used to bother me, but now I think the bad grammar and punctuation bother me more than the hateful messages. Anyway. No feeding the trolls.

I have two days now without the kids and, of course, also some form of sleeping sickness. I have not been able to function the last two days, other than dragging myself through the motions of getting everyone fed and to school and through homework and games and practice and dinner and bed. The rest of the time I have to either read to get out of my own head or sleep. Fortunately I have a couple of great gigs and don’t have to work hard this week, so I’m allowing myself the luxury.

Several days of helping Guy through his final trial issues with his ex and the fallout have wiped me completely. It’s over and done, everyone is as happy as can be when everyone loses, and I have hopes for future relations. My own ex and I have managed to stay friendly, help each other when needed, cooperate around the kids, and put them absolutely first in every way. Guy has been watching and learning, and I think we have a real shot at turning this into another one of those success stories. I swear, I dream of taking this on the road, teaching people how to be a cooperative, civil, slightly less pissed-off ex-spouse with children. I think the world could do with more of that.

Now, I must go slap myself repeatedly so I don’t snuggle down into the couch with a book again. I have Comcast hardware to return and time to spend with Guy and his kids.

What? You think I’d pass up another night of homework? Who can go a night without that? And bedtime battles are my favorite.

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