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Envirosax - Stylish Reusable Shopping Bags

Posted Oct 16 2008 12:18pm

According to The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. uses 100 billion plastic shopping bags every year. Animals mistake discarded plastic bags as food, which causes 100,000 marine animal deaths every year.

I try to bring my reusable shopping bags with me everywhere I go, but, I’ll admit, it’s a little embarrassing to carry grocery store shopping bags into the mall or a clothing store. I do it, though, because I want to reduce the number of plastic bags I use. I’ll tell you, I get some funny looks sometimes!

With Envirosax, no longer do I have to bring my bags with the grocery store’s name splattered all over them to the mall. No longer will I get looked at like a weirdo for carrying a bag made by an organic yogurt company into Target. In fact, Enirosax bags are so nice, they may even get you compliments.

There is a huge variety of styles to choose from, including a graphic series, organic series, kids series, and greengrocer series, which are solid colors. The graphic series can be purchased in groups of five by style, including Mikado, which Japanese style bags, Retro Graphic, Flora, Monochromatic, Amazonia, and Retro Kitchen.

And with there prices ($8.50 per bag for the graphic series and kids series, $24.95 per bag for the organic series, and $7.95 per bag for the greengrocer series), you no loner have an excuse to not get reusable bags (and, although style is never an excuse, it really isn’t now!).

They are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been stopped numerous times where people ask me where I bought these bags from and I am more than happy to share my “secret” source. They are gorgeous, with such great quality.

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