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Enough! I’ve had it!

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:19pm

I want a T. O. ( time out in ‘tween’) Wanna know why? Sure you do!

This was the scenario when I was in the shower this morning, as heard through the bathroom door:

Child: I pooped!

Mommy: Where?

Child: Here.

At this point, I handled it quite well. Cleaned up. Not too bad, considering.

Child: Mom! Mom!

Mommy: Yes?

Child: Could you wipe my bum bum?

Mommy: No, honey. You have to do that yourself (she’s 4)

Child: I don’t want to wipe my bum - it’s YUCKY! You do it.

Now I’m starting to wonder what I’ve done wrong.

And then THIS:

Guess where she got the water from? Yeah.

What’s a mom to do?

Yup. I said it: Go watch TV.

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