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Election, Dentist, Walkers

Posted Nov 13 2012 7:34pm

Three Good Things for the day:

1. I’m back at my Three Good Things exercise after a brief pause due to the election. No talk here about how I’m feeling on that issue. The point is, I’m back at it.

2. I love taking my Samantha to the dentist. She is such a pleasure. She asks all sorts of questions and makes conversation with people (kids and adults), and charms the socks off of everyone she meets. She also has no cavities, and she was able to do the xrays of her back teeth for the first time. She has a real sensitivity to things that might make her gag (she won’t even wear a turtleneck because it touches her throat) and she swore to me she was not even going to TRY to put those things in her mouth for the xrays. But she did it. And she only was able to do it through sheer determination. Effort, people! She put up with a discomfort in order to attain a goal. I’m not sure what motivated her, but the point is – she made the effort. She was very pleased with herself, too. Awesome.

3. This didn’t happen today – it happened last week when I wasn’t blogging. But …

Both Leo and Zoe are toddlers now!

They don’t walk much yet, but they both can do it. A new era has begun.

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