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Egg Salad, raisin bun, kiwi and cranberries

Posted May 14 2009 4:33pm

We're hoping for rain today! To finally cool off the high temperatures we have been having. I kind of wonder why the heat here bothers me sometimes. Not so much but I do feel uncomfortable with it. I mean I spent a large part of my life in countries like Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai and there the heat and the temperatures are a lot more drastic then in Europe. The only way to explain it, would be that in those countries the difference in temperatures is not so drastic throughout the year. In winter it gets to 20 ° C and in the summer well it is in the 40's ° C. Here in winter we go as low as -10/15° C and the last couple of weeks we had 30° - 35° C! Now that is a huge difference.

Anyway, we still are the summer type of family and Soeren is happy to have any excuse to peel his clothes off. Yesterday, I was putting away the groceries, he went out into the backyard and I could hear him talking with his buddy Julius. When I came out they were both butt naked running about the garden with the watering can!!

Wish it was that easy for us to cool off!

Today we are doing egg salad again. Every time I get a large amount of eggs from our friendly farmer I try and use a few up by making egg salad. It's quick and easy and we enjoy it on our sandwiches. The bread is one that is a basic at our home. A normal rye bread fresh and light. Carrots go along with it for the crunch. Lovely yellow kiwis and a handful of dried cranberries for the fruity section of the day. The huge raisin bread is spread with butter and honey.

Adult Variation: Egg salad is a great spread and I'd like to recommend to add a couple slices roast beef slices to the egg salad sandwich. Top it off with a few pickled gurkins and this is one tasty sandwich. I love the raisin bread too - I normally don't spread it with anything just like dipping it into my cafe au lait. Maybe you'd like to give that a try too.

So, wish you all a fantastic Friday and a great weekend. We plan to go to a wedding party, a cake and coffee party and a picnic this weekend. See you on the other side!

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