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Eff You winner and debut !!!

Posted May 14 2009 4:34pm

So after 22 fuck you's this week , we have a winner !!!
This week's best fuck you rant goes to :
Drum roll please......................
The one and only Queen from WTF ?
She not only had a fuck you for me but she had 4 !!!
She evidently had facebook and twitter issues, but also wanted to beat out Miss Dizzy here after cussing her out. She than found out that there's another Queen in the blogosphere, but we all know that bitch ain't no where nearly as cool as our Queen..
I also have a past winner..One of the coolest kick ass political/ everything blogger on the net.. Lauren from Can You Be a Part of My life
She had one hell of a shitty day and than came back and had more shit to add to her shitty day..

So on that note:
Ladies, I honor thee with the "EFF YOU " award..
and congratulations !!
Thank you all for the fuck you's and can't wait until next week's...

Click Here for the Moms that I cant stand series..

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