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Educational Toys: Making kids Smart by having fun

Posted Sep 30 2008 11:11am

by:Rony Pollock


Associating fun and play with learning is a fundamental aspect of every child’s growth.It All Starts at Home. The home front is crucial to a child’s development. This is where a child learns about colours, shapes, and sounds, what Yes and No mean, and that asking “why” can almost always generate an explanation.Playing is every child’s first priority. Playtime may only seem to provide pure entertainment, but it is also an integral part of your child’s mental and emotional growth and it provides the provide the following benefits

·        Personality development

·        Awareness of their potentials

·        Promote independent thinking

·        An avenue for creative thinking and problem solving

 ·        Improvement their motor skills

·        Enhance their ability to think and communicate

Toys that FitInfants– The keywords are soft, safe, and colourful. Vividly colures rattles and squeaky toys will stimulate their sense of touch, sight, and hearing.

1 to 2 years– This is a stage where children start learning how to manoeuvre the things in their hands. They are also beginning to discover that some things are paired together. Toddlers will enjoy building blocks and toys that will allow them to identify and match shapes.

2 to 3 years– Children are beginning to get more creative at this age. They like role playing with other kids or by themselves. Puzzles, Play Cubes, and educational toys that stir their imagination are the best options.

4 to 5 years– Kids are into creative thinking and decision-making by this age. Educational toys that can help enhance these developments include puzzle games and constructions toys.

As children grow older,they become more independent in their choices of what toys to play with. They usually forego free play for games that involve rules and friends. They learn to be competitive. This is the time where parents’ guidance is most crucial. But if you’ve established the foundation by providing your child with educational toys early on, then you may have a child who’s well-developed emotionally and smart to boot.

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