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‘Educational Center’ Made Mistakesin Shocking of Boys, Report Finds*

Posted Aug 26 2008 12:30pm

“One teenager had received 77 shocks, well in excess of what his treatment plan allowed, and the other received 29. One boy was taken to the hospital for treatment of two first-degree burns.”

Treatment plan? Treatment plan? Shocking troubled boys is a treatment plan?

The quote above is from an August incident at a Massachusetts “Educational Center,” reports The Boston Globe . Two emotionally disturbed teenagers were given electrical shocks after staff at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center received a prank phone call saying the boys had been misbehaving.

While you may have already read about this story, a report released Thursday revealed that the staff made mistakes because it was tired and overworked. Forget the freaking staff: why is any institution in America allowed to shock kids as part of a treatment plan?

As the two boys’ screams could be heard throughout the house, near-mutiny erupted among the other boys, who insisted that the accused teenagers had violated no rules.

“One boy was taken to the hospital for treatment of two first-degree burns,” reports The Globe. The other boy received 29 shocks. Both received the first shocks while they were still asleep.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond horrified by this story, which I double checked on to make sure it wasn’t an Urban Legend. It appears, though, this “school” actually shocks some of its 250 autistic, mentally retarded or emotionally-disturbed residents, who come from all over the United States.

By the way, six of the staff members involved in the shocking incident have been suspended, but not fired. Hmmm, maybe those employees as well as the folk that run this school should be given 77 shocks to see if it improves their behavior.

*UPDATE: The seven employees were fired in October, but the school kept it a secret, reports The Boston Globe . A Globe editorial reveals that the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center is the only school in the country that routinely uses electric shock therapy torture.

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