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Eco Friendly Products From Droplets Of Nature

Posted Sep 25 2012 6:02am

I still have a long way to go in terms of being green or living a green and eco-friendly life. I am getting there one by one, from bringing an ecobag every time I shop to lessening our carbon footprints. I am also on the look out for organic products and eco friendly products. And my recent finds are eco friendly products from Droplets of Nature:

Droplets of Nature Eco-friendly dish washing liquid is made from poato/corn surfactants, listed as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the US Food & Drugs Administration (US FDA). The dish washing liquid is loaded with essentials oils, must be the reason why it feels soft to my hands. It smells good too.

Aside from safe ingredients, the dish washing liquid also has kitchenware conditioner making kitchen wares last longer. And not only that, kitchenware dries up easily and the dish washing liquid have shinning effect on the wares. And as I noticed it, the concentration of the dish washing liquid is really thick (part of Droplets of Nature promise to their clients to provide eco-friendly products that have value for one’s money- it is 3 to 5x concentrated than your ordinary dishwashing liquid).

Droplets of Nature Beauty & Bright Line offers two products:

Beauty & Bright Skin Lightening Body Soap and Anti-Aging Serum Bar. The first wash- off serum bar in the market and made from acai berry and moringa extract. I think this soap is perfect for my mom. She love anything Moringa and the anti aging serum will do great on her skin.

Beauty & Bright Skin Lightening Body Soap and Anti-Aging Serum Bar is an all natural soap that effectively lightens and moisturizes the skin, loaded with moringa, acai berry, kojic acid, papaya, lemon extracts and lactic acid.

Beauty & Bright Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap has 7 skin lightening and Beautifying Extracts: Moringa (Malunggay), Papaya, Kojic Acid, Camellia Japonica, Candeia Tree Oil, Oxalis Triangularis Oil & Plant-based Lactic Acid. The combination of  three potent extracts Moringa/Malunggay and the Three (3) Power Oils (Camellia, Candeia, Oxalis Triangularis)makes the soap more effective The 3 Power Oils have been clinically proven more effective than Arbutin in skin lightening. I really like the smell of this soap.

Droplets of Nature Hand Sanitizer is very mild and safe for baby’s hands. It is made from plant-based lactic acid (acting as anti- bacterial), fruit-based alcohol and essential oils (acts as natural moisturizer). I never leave home without the hand sanitizer, specially when I’m with the kids.

Droplets of Nature products can be bought online at Shopinas/Droplets of Nature .For more information about Droplets of Nature Eco-friendly dish washing liquid, Beauty & Bright Skin Lightening Body Soap and Anti-Aging Serum Bar, Beauty & Bright Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap and Droplets of Nature Hand Sanitizer please visit  Droplets of Nature Facebook Page .

 About Droplets of Nature: 

Droplets of Nature, Inc. is a company that caters in providing eco-friendly and family friendly consumer products. Our mission is to provide all-natural products that have value for each family’s money.
We are targeting the growing number of families who are now switching to natural products but are looking for less-expensive alternatives.

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