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Eco-Friendly Products: Bio+Green Crystals Biodegradable Cleaning Products

Posted Sep 13 2011 12:00am
Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to for updates on this topic.

When you buy cleaning products, whether eco-friendly or not, you are paying for a lot of water.  Not only are you paying for something you can get much cheaper out of the tap, that water weighs a lot (eight pounds a gallon) and contributes to a product’s carbon footprint due to transportation.

Bio+Green Crystals is a concentrated, refillable sachet you add to water.  It ismprofessional strength, whatever that means, and biodegradable.

Bio+Green Crystals, are revolutionary new Crystal compounds in water-soluble pouches containing pre-measured amounts of compounds. When immersed in the water, pouch and powder dissolve formulating a precise cleaning solution for specific cleaning purposes. Bio+Green Crystals are proud to be ZERO-WASTE products.
  • Buy the product
  • Add to your existing cleaner as an additive or booster or when your existing cleaner runs out
  • Add water – begin to clean
  • When all sachets are used dispose of outer packaging in your compost or recycle bin
  • Nothing to contribute to the local landfill
  • By buying a Bio-Green Crystal product, you have just reduced your carbon footprint

Bio+Green Crystals products are not only eco-friendly in their operation but also protect the environment through reduced warehousing, transport, breakage and usage of shelf space. Our products have the ability to reduce the carbon footprint through all channels of value stream, making them the most favored option for our customers.

Bio+Green Crystals claim to be zero waste, however, I don’t see how that is possible.  The packaging is not entirely recyclable.  I’m not throwing plastic in my compost pile as advised by the company.

We were sent the following products to try:

Would I buy these products? Yes. Other than what I consider to be a false claim of zero waste, these products are bio-based and natural. They do not contain petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, or phosphates. Without full disclosure on the package of ingredients, I have to trust the company’s non-toxic “under normal use” claims. These cleaning products are made in the USA.

Disclosure: The products described above were sent to us as free samples, unless noted differently in the review. Prior assurances as to the nature of the reviews, whether positive or negative, were not given. No financial payments were accepted in exchange for the reviews. The reviews reflect our honest, authentic opinions.

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