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Eco Friendly Curtains: Environmentally Friendly and Aesthetically Appealing

Posted Jul 18 2010 2:36am

As a social order, we have become increasingly aware of the need to be eco friendly.  This means something different to everyone, but generally, it tends to mean that we are utilizing products & services that are doing no harm to the environment in the process of manufacturing and delivery.  Using real environmentally friendly products is a slippery endeavor.  Perhaps a product is made out of natural products, but is being made at the sacrifice of an area of land.  For example, furniture made from wood from the jungle is all natural, but requires the loss of valuable rain forest trees that cannot be replaced.  This can apply to all products, including curtains.  In order to choose eco friendly curtains , there are several factors you could choose to consider. 

Several variations of children’s curtains are made to block out light.  In the course of obstructing light, they are generally shutting out heat as well.  On a hot day, this is really important to our general comfort inside our homes.  It saves money for us in the cost of running the air conditioner, & your kid sleeps better in a dark, comfortable room.  Take the time to consider, also, how good this is for the environment.  Our electricity comes from nuclear power plants, so although turning on a light or the air conditioner creates no direct pollution, every unit of electricity generated emits byproduct into the air.  The creation of electricity also requires the burning of coal, which is a non-renewable resource.  Therefore when we take steps toward diminishing our utilization of electricity, we are taking steps toward preserving our environment.  This makes the Madras Blackout Panel at an environmentally friendly curtain because it minimizes the need for electricity. 

The “Natural” Bamboo Curtain at is another case in point of an environmentally friendly curtain.  Handmade from real strings of bamboo by Vietnamese craftsmen, these asian curtains hold no hazardous chemicals.  Because they are handmade, there is no factory, using up land & giving off harmful byproducts from the manufacture of this curtain.  Additionally, in buying this beautiful product, you are helping people succeed in supporting their families with their craft.  The curtain is large enough to cover up a wide picture window or a door way.  It hangs in strips, so you are able to walk through it, rather than opening it when you want to walk through.  Hang it in your abode and you will enjoy the natural feel of the Orient. 

In these cases, buying ”green” draperies can also add to the beauty of your dwelling and to your own personal comfort.  There is a variety of products such as these that you can purchase to make your condominum more environmentally friendly. Often the qualities that make draperies environmentally friendly, like the ones cited here, are also the ones that make them so attractive to us in the first place.  The comfort derived from a curtain that blocks out the sun on a hot day is obviously a positive effect to being environmentally conscious.

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