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eBay Shopping

Posted Sep 12 2008 10:20am

Since I’ve earned some money from blogging, I’ve got some fund in PayPal. Although someone has shared with me how to cash the money out, but since it cost so much and so troublesome, I’ve not followed yet.

I started to look out in eBay, first I looked for children’s audio books.

Well, being first time to eBay, I was so excited finding lots of bargain available there. But later, I got very disappointed, coz the shipping fees to Malaysia is so expensive. There are good deals with less than $1, but shipping can be $20!!

I browsed around, and found a good deal. One of the seller in US offers flat rate shipping of $1.99 for 1 children audio book (1CD), and additional item is only $0.89 if combine shipped.

I tried that out. Since no one competed with me on that, I won that item for $0.99. Total fee was just $2.98 (RM 10.43). I received that CD Continue Reading »

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