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eBay and me, the relationship that keeps on giving and giving and giving ...

Posted Mar 09 2009 4:26pm
Well I am doing my bit to lessen the load we will take to the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand.

I have re-acquainted myself with eBay and found 23 items that I can live without ... or more accurately I have found ten things the boys can live without and the remainder are mine.

Who would not love this St Kilda 'made in Australia' demi tasse coffee set which was given to me by great Auntie Edna, who we called Fordie.

Now this was passed onto me when I was around 12 years old ... and it sat and sat and sat in my 'glory box / hope chest' for ever and a day. For the last decade I have packed it up, moved it, unpacked it and done this again and again.

It has gathered dust in numerous abodes, sat on my dresser, on the sideboard, on top of cupboards ... but now is the time to say farewell.

How can I do this, I hear you sentimentalists ask ... given I have sentimental tendencies inherited from my darling mum.

Well it's like this. I would like to it go to a home where it can be used and loved, loved and used. Yep it is that simple, it would give me a warm, cosy feeling to think that someone else can love it for the next 30 years and use it too.

And, hey if you want it, hit me up for a discount as I'd love to join you one day for a coffee :) hugs le the great chucka outta / recycler / re gifter xoxox
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