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Eat This Not That! for Kids!: Be the Leanest, Fittest Family on the Block!

Posted Sep 01 2008 7:10pm

This a crossed post with my blog Buy Better and Have a Better Life. This book is worth to be mentioned twice.

Eat This Not That! for Kids!

Nowadays children have really bad eating habits that end up in obesity, diabetes among other diseases. Creating good eating habits is a frugal point while feeding the youngest. Eat This Not That! for Kids!: Be the Leanest, Fittest Family on the Block! by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding is a book that all families with kids should have. This book is a excellent guide to know what kids should eat and what should not eat.

Product Description
It’s no secret that children are getting fatter: 17% of this country’s youth are overweight or obese, and the number of diabetic children has nearly quadrupled in the past thirty years. Now, to help combat the problem, David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men’s Health, and co-author Matt Goulding have created Eat This, Not That! for Kids. This must-have guide for concerned parents offers detailed analysis and nutritional tips on thousands of the most popular food choices for kids. Covering the best and worst options available at the most popular restaurants in the country as well as the healthiest—and most harmful—foods in the supermarket aisles, if kids are eating it, this book is probably analyzing it.

Other features include:
-Restaurant Report Cards on the best chain restaurants for your kids
-Drink This, Not That! for Kids
-The 20 Worst Kids’ Meals in America
-10 “Healthy” Foods that Aren’t
-The 8 Foods You Should Feed Your Kid Every Day

School year is starting in two weeks and although the school provides lunch I have to prepare a snack for each of my kids. Healthy food will be the Menu.

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