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Easy's Tapas and Martinis in Beaumont, Texas

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm

My hubby and I recently snuck out of the house for an evening alone at Easy's Tapas and Martinis in Beaumont, Texas. It was a delightful get-away. Come on, I'll show ya.

A warm, starry night. A full moon. A hubby all to yourself. A lovely Spanish restaurant with an outdoor patio. A babbling fountain. A light meal accompanied by adult refreshments. What more could a girl ask for?

Easy's Tapas Restaurant in Beaumont, Texas

Tapas and martinis are pretty tempting all on their own. But, there is also something irresistible to me about a sidewalk cafe. Leisurely dining outside in the open air. It was a favorite pastime of ours while stationed in Europe and traveling in Europe.

Ah, yes. Some live background music would be enjoyable too. The icing on the cake to an enjoyable evening.

Easy's Spanish Restaurant in Beaumont, Texas

So, are you wondering, what the heck are tapas? Tapas are basically appetizers. Some are cold, like olives, cheese or artichokes. Some are hot, like fried calamari and shrimp or shish-ka-bobs. You can order one tapa for a light meal or order several tapas for a larger meal.

Tapa translates as "a lid" or "to cover" in Spanish. Years ago, barkeepers would place slices of bread or ham over their glasses of sweet sherry or wine to keep away the flies. Over time, barkeepers began adding fancier items and snacks to their "lids". Eventually, "the lids" became just as important as the drink itself. And the tapa was born as it's own unique form of cuisine.

Now, I told you that Easy's is a tapas and martini bar. I didn't forget about the martinis. I love a good martini. In fact, Paratrooper Man makes a mean dirty martini. But, here's a martini I'd never tried. Oh, it might look like just an ordinary martini. But, wait until you taste it.

Easy's Martini Bar in Beaumont Texas

My lips are still tingling! This is a Cajun martini. Absolut peppar vodka (vodka seasoned with jalapenos, paprika and chili), dry vermouth, olive juice and tabasco sauce garnished with jalapeno stuffed olives. Yea, baby! You gotta try it. Even if you only drink one and then switch to something tamer. Like a chocolate martini. Or maybe even just a raspberry iced tea!

Martinis. Tapas. An outdoor patio. A hubby all to myself. Aah... doesn't get much better than that.

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