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Easy Grilled Alligator Recipe

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm

Today I'm going to share an easy grilled alligator recipe. And I can't believe no one called me out on this. No one left me a comment saying "Are you serious?" Ya'll must really think we are crazy enough to catch an alligator ourselves & then take it home to cook it! That makes me smile. (Follow this link if you missed how to catch an alligator.)

Here's the real deal. We bought alligator fillets from the grocery store. Yes, they actually sell alligator at the corner store here in Southeast Texas. I love it here!

Aqua Gator Alligator FilletsEasy Grilled Alligator Recipe

So, once you've put in in your grocery cart, paid for it & brought it home- now what do you do with it? It seems there are a number of ways to cook alligator. Initially, I had planned to deep fry the gator (which we've done before & it is delicious), but then I saw this on the back of the package- grilled alligator. And since we were already grilling steaks, I made an executive decision. A decison to keep my kitchen clean. A decision to keep things simple.

We decided to grill the alligator. Here's what I did. I cut up a bunch of veggies- some mushrooms, colorful bell peppers & some cute little pearl onions.

Fresh Veggies with the Alligator

Then I put the vegetables on some heavy duty tin foil with the gator, which I sliced into nuggets.

How to serve alligator

Then, I got some of this Louisiana Cajun seasoning. I mean, what else might you season an alligator with?

Cajun Seasoning for frog legs & gator

Now, go crazy! Season the heck out of the alligator and vegetables. Then drizzle a lit bit of oil over everthing or throw a few pats of butter in there . Next, wrap it up tight in the tin foil.

Season up the gator

Now, just take it on out to the grill & plunk it over some hot coals. Cook it alongside the steak & frog legs. You are serving frog legs too, right?

Frog legs, gator & steak on the grill

Every now & then you can peek inside the foil to see how things are coming along. I should also mention that I threw some meat tenderizer in there. Gator tail is very tender, but the meat from the body can be tough. The package did not specify what type of meat it was, so I went ahead & tenderized it.

Alligator on the grill

This is how it will look when it is done cooking. Sorry, not a very pretty presentation. But, I was too busy eating it to stop & take a picture.

Easy grilled alligator recipe

Serve it over some dirty rice. And see those juices in the bottom of the foil packet? Don't miss out on that. Be sure to get every last little drop of it & mix it in with the rice, vegetables & alligator.

So, how did it taste? Well, I was so busy licking my fingers and saying "Mmm, this is so good!" that I put down the camera & didn't take any more pictures. I just ate. It was good. It was also quite tender. And just like the old cliche- it tastes just like chicken. Except better!

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