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Easy Chicken and Potatoes Recipe

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:26pm

Today, I'm sharing an easy chicken and potatoes recipe. But first, I promised ya'll a peek at my Rooster of Fortune pitcher from Nove, Italy. And since the Apron Queen is a woman of her word, here it is. My Mom came to visit us when we lived in Italy and she mailed back boxes of this stuff. Nove is world-famous for ceramic art. If you're lucky enough to go there, you can visit the ceramic factories where they have rows and rows of ceramics at bargain basement prices. I've got tons of the stuff. Now, there's a whole legend about these Italian lucky rooster pitchers. Go have a peek. You can come right back.

Easy Chicken and Potatoes Recipe

I also promised ya'll my recipe for Chicken, Taters and Beans. So, let's get started. As always this recipe is super easy. I'm a simple kind of queen. Really, this is a recipe for a whole delicious meal: moist and juicy chicken that falls right off the bone, to-die-for mashed potatoes and snappy green beans. Nearly all of the ingredients are fresh from the produce stand. And the stuff that isn't from the produce stand is super-duper easy too.

Easy Chicken and Potatoes Recipe

Alrighty then, go put your apron on! Now, go gather up the following: A roasting chicken (whole or cut up), baby red potatoes, pearl onions, a red bell pepper, fresh green beans, a clove of fresh garlic and a can of chicken broth. White wine is optional. I happened to be out of white wine and we live in a dry town. I was lazy and just used some grocery store cooking wine instead of driving to the next little town for booze. This was actually the first time I used this particular seasoning too. We recently discovered this McCormick's Grill Mates stuff called Montreal Steak Rub. It was pretty awesome, so I decided to try the Montreal Chicken seasoning. If you're lazy like me and don't want to drive to the store for special ingredients, you can use salt, pepper, garlic, onion, paprika and whatever else strikes your fancy.

Easy Mashed Potatoes Recipe

There's not a whole lot of instructions to this recipe. Put the chicken in a pot. Dump the potatoes, garlic and onions on top. Throw a can of broth in there. And if you're feeling adventurous, splash some white wine on it- about 1/4 cup or so. Then, sprinkle the heck out of it all with some seasoning. It's as simple as that. Pop it in the oven with a lid on it at 300 degrees until the meat falls off the bones in about 2-3 hours. Or stick it in the crockpot for a few hours.

Easy Baby Red Potato Recipe

Now, here's the fun part. Once it's all done cooking, scoop out the baby red taters and the onions. The potatoes are like little sponges. They'll soak up all that flavorful chicken broth, white wine and seasoning. Are you ready for this? Because we're going to make the best mashed potatoes you ever had. And the easiest. Truthfully, I completely stink at making real mashed potatoes. They always either come out like potato soup or like Elmer's glue.

Vintage Milk Glass Hen on Nest

Now, this kitchen thingy is optional. It's a vintage crock with beaters. It's intended use was to beat eggs or whip cream. But, since I buy my whipped cream at the grocery store and I like to play with my vintage kitchen stuff, I'm going to whip the mashed potatoes in it.

Easist Mashed Potatoes Ever

Keep the skins on. And there's absolutely nothing else you need to add. Remember, these little taters are drenched in chicken broth and white wine. They've most likely soaked up some of the chicken grease along the way. And they're already heartily seasoned too.

How to Mash Potatoes

Truthfully, these potatoes are so moist that you could mash them with just a fork. But, I like to play while I cook. So, I hand whipped them with the vintage egg beaters for all of about 10 seconds. Now, you can whip them as much as you like and make them all fluffy and pretty. But, I kinda like the rustic look of just mashing them up for a few seconds.

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

Now, I didn't forget about the green beans. I can be ditzy. But, I did remember the green beans. They're super-duper simple too. Chop up some green beans, onions and red bell peppers. Plop them in one of those microwave steaming bag thingies and cook according to the directions on the package. You don't need water or nothing else and it only takes about 4 minutes. I love these things. I used to have a steamer. Not anymore. I sold it on e-Bay. I'm a new woman.

Easy Chicken and Potatoes Recipe

Alright, enough talking. Time for eating. This is Goldilock's plate. She likes drumsticks. Yes, I know there are three legs. No, I didn't cook up a strange, freak of nature chicken with three legs. I threw in a package of just drumsticks because my kids like them. This recipe is versatile like that.

Easy Chicken and Potatoes Recipe

And in case you weren't totally sold on just how delicious and yummy this recipe truly is. In case you weren't getting your car keys right now to go get the ingredients. Here's a close-up.

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