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Early Childhood Rubber Pencil Grip for Kids

Posted Aug 02 2011 11:58am

I do not really bother about how a pencil is held. But if it starts to cause unnecessary uncomfort or distraction when my children are doing their school work, then its a sign that something needs to change.

Since preschool, I  had never liked the way Keatkeat gripped his pencil. It was way too low, so much so that his fingers were holding onto the ‘exposed wooden part’ of the pencil, where its slanted, and his weak fingers kept sliding down to the pencil tip.

Even after thousands of times of reminding him to “Hold Higher”, Keatkeat still finds it difficult to change his way of holding the pencil.

As for Binbin, he holds his pencil as if he is writing Chinese calligraphy, which forces his fingers to exert more energy because there is little support at the bottom of the pencil, thus his fingers get tired very easily.

That was the case for a long time until I found this early childhood rubber pencil grip for kids during December last year. I did not blog about it back then because I need to test its effectiveness first.

So I gave it a few months to show its worth.


Yes, its showing signs of improvement for both of them after more than 6 months, I guess, it is not a get-fix-quick kind of remedy. Habits die hard!

The kids really need more time with the rubber pencil grip, before they could start holding the pencil the ‘right’ way, without the rubber pencil grip that is.


If your child is starting to learn how to hold a pencil, then this early childhood rubber pencil grip would probably do much more for him or her, as compared to my boys who had been holding their pencil the ‘wrong’ way for years.

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