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Ear Infections Do NOT Make Me Happy! ~ Review

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:58pm
As a child, I had seemingly one ear infection after another. Thankfully I outgrew them.:) Now that I am a Mom, I have kids who get them. P1 and P2 are currently trying to get over one as we speak and I tell ya, it hurts my heart to have to see my babies in pain.

Thankfully, a while back I learned about something wonderful -Hyland's Earache Drops. You are possibly familiar with Hyland's as the company who makes those wonderful Teething Tablets. Well let me assure you, the Earache Drops are equally as fabulous. Here is the scoop on them from Hyland's own website ~

Rapid relief of earaches due to colds & allergies – both drops & tablets are clinically proven to reduce pain, itch and congestion within 48 hours.

100% natural with no antibiotics, alcohol or sting – they use a gentle, homeopathic formula of botanical and mineral ingredients.

Pediatrician-approved & safe to use with other medicines – there are no side effects and they won’t interact with any other medication.

Made in the U.S. & easy to find –you can get them at pharmacies, drug stores, supercenters and natural products stores everywhere.

They are really easy to use...just a few drops in the affected ear 3 or 4 times a day. It is kind of an odd sensation to have the drops go down in your ear but it doesn't hurt and your angel's ears should start feeling better shortly after the first use. My kids are more than happy to have me put the drops in and occasionally, we can even avoid needing antibiotics and only use Hyland's Earache Drops to manage the pain. Of course, if the drops do not 'kick in' so to speak, within the first 48 hours and/or I see drainage or any sort from my girl's ears, then it is off to the doctor we go.

Now, here is my disclaimer - I am not a true granola, crunchy mama. I love our Pediatrician and follow his guidance 98% of the time without issue. He is very conservative though and has trained me to hold off on the antibiotics whenever possible and he is more than happy to have me use homeopathic treatments such as earache drops. I just make sure I always tell him so that he can be aware and monitor any drug interaction between them. In my opinion, that is the safe thing to do.:) I am sure that any expert in their field would second that, including Dr. Jim Sears, a board-certified pediatrician from California who is the son of the renowned Dr. William Sears of baby fame.

So the next time your angel has an earache, considerHyland's Earache Dropsto soothe their pain and you will all be happy!



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