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Dry-Spice a simple flavor Savor for all Your Spices New and Old!

Posted May 27 2010 4:00am

Finally someone has come up with a miracle for your spice rack and really any dry product you may have in your kitchen.  Dry-Spice is a small cube like canister you simply drop into your spice jar/canister or whatever you keep them in and in no time at all you’re clumpy, dried or rock hard spices come back to life like you just bought them fresh from the market.

Each Flavor Savor contains a Natural Drying agent that is so intensely absorbent it draws moisture out of anything it’s contained in. Keep spices and more full of flavor and aroma without adding harsh chemicals or additives.

Ideal for: The Home Cook, The Professional Cook, Bakers, Recreational Vehicles, Summer Cabins, Vacation Homes, Hunting/Fishing/ Boating/Yachting and so much more!

And it’s not only for your spices! Can be used with: Dried Herbs and Spices, Salt and Pepper, Coffee and Teas, Sugar, Bouillon, Seeds Nuts and Grains, Dried Chili Peppers, Chips, Crackers, Snacks Vitamins and Medications and the list goes on.

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