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Dry lips.

Posted Oct 18 2008 2:28pm

Chaffed or cracked lips are a call for moisture. Since lips don’t have oil glands and are just an extension of the delicate membranes in our mouth, they’re sitting ducks for abuse. We abuse them more by using petrolatum-based lip balms which interfere with the lips’ ability to hold on to the moisture they do have. (Ever wondered why the more you apply lip balm, the more you need to apply.) The answer is to use lip products without petroleum-derived ingredients. That also goes for lip gloss, by the way. Most glosses get their shine from petrolatum. Ours comes from a mix of organic vegetable oils.

We know that if you wear lipstick every day you’ll end up eating five tubes a year. We think we’ve inadvertently added to the statistic. Our newest exfoliator/plumper Sugar&Butter contains organic brown sugar and is so lip licking good that we’ve had reports of people snacking on it.

But it’s so much more than a snack. It’s a sure fire way to luscious lips. First, slough off any flakiness with the organic brown sugar lip scrub which also adds its own moisture and then get ready for the plumping.

Flip the tube over and feel the way the shea butter coats, moistens and protects your lips. In a few seconds, you’ll feel the plumping begin. Formulated with delicious ginger extracts and a natural peptide which has been clinically proven to stimulate collagen synthesis, I can promise you that the feeling it gives your lips is addictive. You honestly will see and feel the difference..
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