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Posted Dec 29 2008 5:03pm


When I was a girl, drums were the work of the devil. Take Africa, for example. Those heathens use drums in their heathen ceremonies! And don’t get me started on Amy Grant and her band on the slippery slope of rock ‘n’ roll.  (If you’re new here, that is written in COMPLETE sarcasm.)

And today…. in our church?  There were drums, babe. Lots of drums. There was even the best drum solo I’ve EVER heard! (During Little Boy Drummer, of course. *grin*) We sang Christmas carols, rockin’ style, and saw the most amazing dramatized nativity scene. It was just like Christmas Eve. In fact, it WAS the Christmas Eve service. In the morning. THIS morning. I’m so tickled. I got to experience the nativity and Christmas worship in church even though we were snowed in on Christmas Eve. The church canceled their Christmas Eve service and did it for us this morning… And my heart is still singing. *Sigh* There is just nothing like remembering that Jesus came in such a miraculous way, and that he was just like me. There were no special privileges or angelic birth assistance. Just Mary, and Joseph, and a baby boy. And they named him Emmanuel, which means God With Us.

And did you notice - above - where I wrote in our church?  Yup.  I picked one.  There is really nothing more extraordinary about it than the other churches that I’ve checked out.  It is just a church, full of many friendly people.  It is a denomination that we’re familiar with.  They have a children’s ministry - although not run the way that I’d like, but since I’m not the all-knowing-god of Children’s Ministry I’ll just keep my nose out of it.  And they have a great pastor who has a leadership style I’m not crazy about, but again, I suppose if I leave it to God he could handle it the way He sees fit.  And every time I’ve been there I’ve learned something from the teaching time, which is always biblical.  (It is important to me that my Sunday mornings enlighten me on the Word of God, not just moral living.)  And, um…. well…. it’s close.  Those are good enough reasons to me!

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