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Drugstore loves {favorite drugstore products}

Posted May 28 2013 6:56am

dove style 2

When I was at Mom 2.0 a few weeks ago , one of my very favorite experiences there was having my hair done in the salon Dove, the presenting sponsor of the conference, had set up for us. It was SO nice. (They had manicures, too!) As I sat down in the stylist’s chair, she asked me if she could tell me about the Dove products she had at her station.



“I already use most of them!” I replied, so I made her job a little bit easier. But it’s true. And that comment inspired me to write a post about some of my current favorite drugstore beauty items. The Dove products are a really big favorite. I absolutely adore their  Style +Care dry shampoo , hairspray , nourishing whipped cream mousse , frizz-free shine cream-serum ,   and t hermal replenishing spray . The mousse provides hold for my wavy hair but also moisture, which is great because my hair is dry and most mousses are just more drying. Not the case here! The cream-serum I always put in my hair before I straighten it, to eliminate frizz. It just makes it soft and smooth and easier to straighten. I also use the thermal replenishing spray before I flatiron it to protect it as I heat style. I really love all these products! So I clip my coupons and stock up when they are on a great sale at the drugstores, because these products really are worth it.

Dove’s cousin, Suave, also makes a few of my favorites – love their dry shampoo as well, and their deodorant. It’s often on sale for just $1 and it’s a great bargain. I buy the powder scent for my hairy brother and the Everlasting Sunshine for me!

Another Dove cousin, Vaseline, also has a new product I luuurve. Spray ‘n Go moisturizer. I was quite skeptical about it, but not only do I love it for me, it makes moisturizing one’s six-year-old after bath SO MUCH FASTER. Score! I hope to see some good sales & coupons attached to it soon.

After the Mom 2.0 Summit, CVS Minute Clinic , another sponsor (you guys know I loves me some CVS!), sent us a big ol’ bag of products to our homes. It was full of full-size products and I got took the opportunity to try some new things. (And can I just say as a side note how glad I am that we have two Minute Clinics in our area now!! Haven’t had to use them yet but I am so glad to have an alternative to urgent care.) I’ve been using Mary Kay for five years but I have been cheating on it with the RoC Max resurfacing cleanser that came in the CVS Minute Clinic swag bag and I really like it! It’s really exfoliating which I love. If you have really sensitive skin it might not be for you, but I rather enjoy it!  I’ve also been trying out their MAX wrinkle resurfacing system on my forehead because baby, I’ve got some serious expression lines forming. But I’ve only been using it for two weeks so I can’t really say if it’s working yet. I DO like the way it feels, however, and I’m not having any negative reactions to it, so that’s so far so good.

cvs swag

Another product that I really like that was in that bag is Aveeno BB cream . Yep, I’m cheating on my Mary Kay again! I really think it covers well and it gives my skin a really nice shimmer. Plus, it’s SPF 30 which is always important! I really did not expect to like this product and I really, really do. Yay for pleasant surprises!

Well, those are my favorite products these days! What beauty & hygiene products do you like to pick up at the drug?

P.S. this post was not sponsored at all whatsoever. Just wanted to tell you what I’m diggin’!

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