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Drinking champagne on bin day …

Posted Feb 25 2013 3:00am

My Husband doesn’t hide his jealousy very well. For the last fortnight his under-breath mutterings have been getting louder and louder.

The reason? Yesterday I flew to Miami with five other bloggers ( Becky , Tara , Erica , Karin and Liz ) to experience a cruise with Royal Caribbean. From Miami we are boarding a cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale and visiting Jamaica and Haiti. I have no experience of cruises and to be honest associate cruise holidays with wrinkly OAPs.  I hope that I am able to dispel that myth.

The Teenager is going to miss me. I know that because I’ve bought her two big bars of Galaxy this week just so that when I’m not here to buy her chocolate she’ll miss me more. She is also in charge of ironing duties *cue loud MUHAHAHA*. Being a Teenager sucks, unless your stepmother is plying your with Galaxy and doing your laundry.

I asked the children if they’d miss me. The 8 year old said she would and the 7 year old told me that he might.

When I asked The Husband if he’d miss me he thought, for longer than was necessary, and answered “probably” and whereas Karin has written her family lovely letters for each day of the week I have compiled a military style timetable for mine.  This is where I can start to understand why The Husband is feeling a tad jealous. One day he has the Sainsbury’s delivery to look forward to (between 10 and 11am) while I’ll be on a day trip in Falmouth, Jamaica. Another day he needs to put the bins out while I’m having pre-dinner drinks in a champagne bar.

Do I feel guilty? A bit, but I feel I have a duty to experience this cruise to the max. A duty to you, my readers, to tell you what it’s really like on a cruise ship in the Carribbean.

I’ll see you on the other side people.

To follow my trip you’ll find me here and the hashtag #royalmums on Twitter. You could also follow my husband’s grumblings here .

Bin day is Wednesday by the way, feel free to remind him.

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