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Drama...Is Life

Posted May 24 2013 12:00am

Or "Life is Pain, Highness", from one of my favorite movies, but then you might think that I'm equating myself with royalty and I just don't need that heartache today.

I updated my personal Facebook page last night with this:

I got some really, really good news about two of my kids today. Despite it being a very trying, somewhat stressful day - it was nice stuff to hear.

My oldest daughter was one of only 6 (or 8, I can't remember and I want to get this posted while it's fresh in my mind) in her senior class to be called back for her Senior Project Presentation. The entire class presented, and a select few are called back - it's kind of like moving to the second round, and the top people get a "Best of" award. It's a HUGE honor, and the Senior Project has been kicking her butt - so the opportunity to present to be picked as a presenter - well, it's enormous.  

My kid who has struggled with school since, well, several years now - the kid who has learning disabilities and self esteem issues and anxiety - we got some testing results that show that the kid is really very, very smart. Like, up there smart. So the school issues aren't because said kid is not smart - but true learning difficulties. Those numbers, well, they blew my mind away. I wish I could share with you - but trust me when I say that they were really UP THERE.

And yesterday WAS a trying day. I worked, and dealt with some stressful issues. (And? I am SUPER HAPPY to have a job and I LURVE my job and it's MORE STRESSFUL if I don't work because I'm broke, so I'll go with the stress of working, thank you so very much - and I'm SUPER LUCKY to work from home. LOVE my job.) It's been raining almost every day - and I'm super thankful that we aren't dealing with tornados and damage - but it's still thunderstorms and flooding rain and wet and my kids are beginning to go a little stir crazy. I have two ill extended family members and I was dealing with one issue yesterday for an extended length of time, we needed groceries, my husband had several issues that were the MOST IMPORTANT THING ON MY PLATE, (sarcasm, thy name is mine), and I was still working at 10:30 last night. In fact, I worked until the time my husband came home from work - and past it. Remember - I'm doing the parenting stuff alone at night, guys. I'm doing dinner and homework and medications and prayers and bedtime routines without another adult as back up. And yes, some of my kids are bigger - but bigger doesn't mean that there is any less drama/stress/discussion going on. There's probably more, as a matter of fact.

But, by putting that on my Facebook - well, apparently, I was engaging in "The Drama". In fact, the comment was made that my posts on Facebook - and, I guess, by extension, here - are always full OF DRAMA.

Just sayin'. A helpful sort, my Facebook commenter. And I didn't really think that comment was all that dramatic, particularly. I could have said - and have - a whole lot worse.

This time of year always kicks my butt. Two band concerts, end of golf season party, end of soccer season party, tournaments, major fourth grade project, last minute third grade project, Opera concert with resultant evening practices, graduation practice, grad party to plan, exams, standardized testing.

March, April and May were especially brutal for my kids in terms of asthma. Five of them have asthma. FIVE. We had four courses of steroids, 6 doctor visits, and untold nights of coughing. One's eczema went beserk. One of my kids had frickin' CROUP. We had allergy panel testing and food challenges. I've been one of the transporters for the sick family members to doctor appointments - and I'm happy to do it, don't you dare try to make it otherwise - I've made jam and bread and cookies and hello, dinner every night, made sure that the kitchen was stocked, the wash done (and the wash level for 8 people is absurd), the garden taken care of, the homework done, the toilets defunked, the walls wiped down, the floors cleaned -

just like every mom out there. Just like every PERSON in the world.

It occured to me, after I scraped my brains off the ceiling when my brain flat out EXPLODED after reading that comment - life.

Life is Drama. Families are Drama. Dealing with families is Drama - both good and bad. Trying to be the best you can be = drama, sometimes. I'm super lucky that I'm not dealing with death, none of my kids has cancer or is in prison. But everyday, garden level stress - after a while, it gets to be stressful all on it's own. A gentle flowing stream can, over time, carve craters in rock. This time in my life is a season. It's a stressful season, but I honestly don't know of a time in my life when it won't be stressful. I can't really, for the life of me, see how it could be - the figures just don't add up.

But it is Life. Life is messy. Life is Stressful. And the more people you have in your life, the more opportunity for stress,

the more opportunity for Grace, for Beauty, for Kindness and Fun.

But those things have a counterpoint, a balance, and sometimes, life is full of The Dramaz.


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