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don't bother mommy, new york times, i'm too busy vlogging right now

Posted Mar 14 2010 9:34pm
Not much can come between me and my Monday Muse posts....
except for when my girls are under attack*.

Nobody puts my babies in a corner.
Or um,
puts them down in the New York Times.

The article is okay,
kind of open to interpretation if you ask me...
but the TITLE!!!
That's one of the things that really bugged me.
{among a few other things}

Know that I'd like to think the best of the writer,
and that maybe we all mistook what she meant.
Maybe she really WAS trying to make mommy bloggers look great and wise and brilliant.
Because most of them are.

But just in case she wasn't....

Here's what I think,
in case you care.

And beware,
I bust out in song at one point.
{Cause, remember, in my world, I wish life could be a musical .}
I actually wanted to cut that part, but you know what?
It's what I do in real life, so why not expose the truth?
{I'm so embarrassed.}

I mean, that's what this is all about right?
Exposing the truth about mommy bloggers.

And to be clear for those of you who didn't note the sarcasm....

I don't really ignore my kids ALL day.
Just parts of the day.
But, it's only because I believe it builds character.
At least that's what my mom taught me.
{kidding mom.}

And a few afterthoughts...

I think blogging conferences are amazing if building your brand is your goal.
Or if you want to meet other women who share in your love of writing.
I also think the women that run them are inspiring.
And, you guys, I think being barefoot is the best.

More importantly,
everybody has their own goal with their blogs,
so each to their own.

Now enough about that....
let's get back our regular scheduled programming.

{p.s. For unspoken reasons, I suddenly have a fear of vlogging.
Know that I don't really take myself all that seriously, mmmkay?
And I don't really say OMG.
And I only sometimes bust out in song.

*for more details on this whole mamadrama, visit my girls

© 2010 "Le Musings of Moi"
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