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Don’t put more pressure on FTWM

Posted Mar 12 2010 5:57am

These 2 weeks, every morning and evening, driving to and from work, I have been harassed by this Naturel Cooking Oil ad on the radio.

The first time when I heard of it, I nearly cried.

The second time I heard, I was upset and angry, felt like I was being accused (like I am the lady in the ad).

The 3rd time, 4th time… I got annoyed and just wanted to switch channel.

This ad, talks about a busy working mom, walked into a shop to buy lots of stuff, mostly health related food/products. Then, she asked the owner whether there is any other stuff to boost the immunity of her children. The owner took out Naturel cooking oil, and reminded her that she need to cook for the kids.

She said she has no time due to OT. The owner said, “Oh… so, money is more important than your kids?”

She immediately felt embarrassed and took the oil, and said she will think of a way around it.

I felt like the ad was talking to me. I felt so sad the first time I heard, and tears formed in my eyes.

Second time, I was upset, because I knew it is not true that money is more important. I don’t mind a lower paid job, I just want my life back, but I just couldn’t get something else in my line!!! Job market is simply not good yet. This is neither something that I want, nor something that I chose to. In fact, before this ad, I was already so upset about having to stay late.

You think stay late will earn me more money? No!! I don’t get even 1 cent more, for staying later. But if I don’t stay late, I lose my job, coz I can’t deliver.

This ad, is really so unfair for mothers, for FTWM (Full-time-working-mothers). Not all women are that lucky, able to get a job 9 to 5. Some, e.g. hawkers, have to work till midnight selling noodles in coffee shops. Some have to strive to earn enough to feed the family… etc

So, stop giving more pressure to us! Stop labeling us being ‘money minded’!! I think I will switch brand now, going to boycott Naturel. Call me childish, I don’t mind, since I can’t find other ways of releasing my bad mood (coupled with hating my demanding job!).

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