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Don’t make us do it.

Posted Oct 30 2012 11:52am

Jenny and I have a long-standing Halloween tradition of taking our kids trick or treating together. It’s fantastic and one of our favorite nights of the year.


Tonight? I DON’T WANNA.

I am waving the Fun Mom Surrender Flag.

I know that there is so much terrible weather stuff going on in this country that I shouldn’t complain, but for realz – it is COLD and WET. I tried to start a Facebook campaign to get trick or treating postponed until this weekend, when it’ll be 50 and sunny, but to no avail.

It’s going to be awful! The kids aren’t even going to have any fun! To quote Jenny’s husband, they’re going to be dressed up as Alaskan school children! They could catch cold! Jenny’s makeup could get messed up!

The potential for disaster is limitless. Something must be done.

I wonder if we could talk our kids into a Halloween Easter Egg Hunt instead. Or maybe busting a pinata. Or, hell, I will pour sugar straight down their throats. JUST DON’T MAKE ME GO OUT THERE!!!!!

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