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Does Your Baby's High Chair Meet Child Safety Standards?

Posted Jul 06 2010 9:49pm

by Ed Simmons

A high chair is one piece of baby furniture that you just cannot neglect. They come in really handy whether you're feeding your baby at home, or out in a restaurant (we shall cover more on this later). When investing in a chair, don't try and be stingy with money - put in a few more dollars to buy something that's going to help make feeding times more convenient.

There are just so many brands of high chair out there to choose from, and if you already have a few different chairs in mind that you like then that's great! The following tips will help you further narrow down the possibilities and choose the safest and best high chair for your baby's needs.

Baby high chairs come in 2 varieties. The foldable and the non-foldables. The high chair can be the classic wooden or a light-weight aluminum chair that can be effortlessly shifted from room to room, or stored in the boot of the family car. Their purpose? To raise the baby to table height so that so she can join the rest of the family for a meal.

There are just so many styles and brands of baby chairs available for you to choose, but rather than considering price first, you should be looking first at your baby's safety. Find out if that particular model you're looking at buying meets high safety standards (with features like 5-point safety harnesses). You'll want a comfortable and safe seat for your little one.

Since babies are naturally messy little creatures, save yourself a lot of time and hard work by buying a baby high chair that can be easily cleaned - look for those that come with dual trays which are also dishwasher-safe. The foldable chairs are also a great way you can save space if you're a young family living in a small city apartment.

While you're at it, you might like to consider also buying a portable high chair, just in case you decide to take your little one along with you for a family dinner or outing. Do not depend on restaurants to provide you with high chairs for dining. Most places will probably not have any and even if they do, you wouldn't want your baby sitting in them. These cheap chairs are not only dirty but are also very flimsy and are easy to tip over.

Portable seats or high chairs these days are fairly inexpensive and they're well worth considering. Most of the current models will allow you to hook the seat over a chair via a sling. Most importantly, the portable baby seat should be light enough so you don't strain yourself carrying around and it should also include a good height-adjustable feature.

There are certain models of portable baby seats that allow you to clip it to the table's edge. This is great as the baby can be closer to the table and the rest of the family and doesn't require the use of a chair. It can also be more sturdy compared to the chair sling models. For safety's sake, before you attach this kind of baby high chair to any table, check to make sure the table is strong enough and will not topple over.

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