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Does He Look Pale to You?

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:32am

We went back to the doctor’s office and I voiced my concern.

“Does he look pale to you?”

This has become an obsession with me- Daily I ask my husband, my girl friends,  my neighbors and now the pediatrician.

“No really … look closer. He seems pale right? His color is off.”

Most of them look at me and shrug. “He’s pale. Just like the others. ”


He looks paler to me.

So I’m still searching. We’re off egg, milk and peanuts. And he still looks sick.

So I walked in and asked for some tests.

I asked the pediatrician for some labs like I was ordering off a menu and she was my waitress.

“I’ll have the CBC, Ig E to Dustmite and can you add a side of Toxocara Antibody?”

She politely took down my requests, smiled when I said I was a neurotic mom who knew too much and directed it off in a computer.Which wouldn’t take the request - Probably a little too bizarre. “Go to the lab”, she reassured “and I’ll have it figured out by then.”

So off we went and I leaned all the way over into the lab tech’s work station to look at her computer.  I crinkled my brows - turning that number 1 into a 111- and read off the order. “Yep that’s all I wanted!” She looked at me crazily…

God Help me. This whole ordeal has turned me into THAT kind of mother. The one that you dodge, dip your head and avoid eye contact because IF YOU DON’T she just might come over and start spewing nonsense like -

“Look at my son. Does he look pale to you?”

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