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Do You Wear Mismatched Socks?

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:29pm
If you are a regular on my blog, then you know that the chore I can't stand the most is doing laundry! Yes, I know putting the clothes in the washer and then into the dryer is not hard...its putting them away, that for some reason is the hard part. And the one thing that can drive me totally nuts, is when I have a million socks to match and put away. For some freakish reason after getting my socks all matched up, I don't just have one left over Oh No I have like five or seven unmatched socks...what the flip! How does this happen and why???? I just know someone with a sock fetish comes and steals them, just to mess with me. Anyway, so I have a basket I keep all of my socks that are missing their mates in and every once in a while..and that is a huge EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, I get them out of the basket and start matching them up. But I still have some that just cannot seem to get what to do with them? Okay, most people would say throw them away!!!! But not me, nope forget it I will just wear them mismatched. I mean really no one can tell when you wear pants and shoes! As long as they are the same sorta sock I just put them on. I have worn a red and blue sock together, black and blue together..and no one is the wiser, well till now at least! And what about the socks with holes, do you have socks with holes? Most of the time those do get thrown out around here, I cannot stand to wear a sock that my toe wants to fall out of..yuck... just hate that feeling. I like for my feet to stay warm during the colder months. But I do have to admit that yes I have worn socks with holes in them! The reason all of this sock talk came up? It is starting to get a little chilly here and there in VA and I have been wearing my house socks around. My favorite pair are a lime green color...yes lime green! They are very soft and fluffy and have frogs on them, in which I love frogs! But anyway, my feet still stay cold. Sometimes I feel to keep my feet warm I need to wear like 3 pairs of socks..So I am looking to buy a few really good pairs of thick thick socks to wear around the house. Any suggestions? I cannot stand cold feet..BTW a warning! If you do wear mixed match socks or holey socks...only wear them if you are for sure you will not have to take your shoes off in public!!! I have forgotten this many embarrassing!!LOL....So what about you do you wear mismatched socks?

On the family side: We are going shopping on Wed so we all can get new shoes and also our Halloween costumes. I hope we get to also stop by a pumpkin patch and finally get our pumpkins. Think we may have a pumpkin carving and painting contest this weekend. Ideas gathered from some great blogs. We also have a fun get together with some home-schoolers on Friday. Looking forward to that, and my kids are attending a dance on Saturday night..yes I will be taking pictures!! My poor digital camera that is totally messed up still somehow works. Thankfully!! So I will post some pictures next week of my two oldest all dressed up and going out! :) Whelp, that is it for now. Wanted to keep this short as I could today! Have a great week all! :)
Later Tators!!

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