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Do you wax, highlight or just leave it alone?

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:29pm
Okay, so you may have guest I am talking about the dreaded girl mustache! Okay, so really no I do not have to much of one. My husband says he can't even see it. But me I can, I look really close in that mirror in my bathroom and there it is, glimmering in the florescent light. Errr it just irks me..Yes, I do know that women always see things on their bodies worse then anyone else in the world...but we are women..we are I have been highlighting this thing for years and I am on edge about waxing. My question if you wax, when the hair starts to come back...does it grow prickly like a guys? Cause I do not even want to start looking like a man. I am woman hear me roar...not see me grow a mustache!!! Okay, some of you may be laughing right about now thinking what a total loser not knowing the deal on this by the ripe age of 34..but truly I do not...BTW yes that is my body in the pic..just not my wish.....Anyway, I would really love to know which method is best for your stache or if you have tried all..which one did you like best?

On the family side: My mother came up this past weekend and we had a great time! Friday we hung out, chatted and watched a movie. On Saturday Mom, Kiersten and Me went Christmas shopping and got lots of gifts for my two youngest. With Kiersten being with us I could not do shopping for my older two...yet...then we hung out and watched movies that night, while my hubby and Preston went to play Hero Clicks. Mom left on Sunday and after her leaving we just hung out and lounged..hey the house was why not just to do nothing!! Hubby and I took the kids to see Santa on Monday. Yes, I know Santa before Thanksgiving? But while shopping on Sat. I saw him at the mall, and decided to be smart this year and beat the long flippin lines!! And you know what...when we went to see him, we were the only ones! It was soooo nice, the kids got to just sit and relax and chat with Santa..the babies of course wanted nothing to do with him. We all posed for a picture with Santa because the babies would not leave our was a really nice man! Every time we passed him he chatted with us. He was soooo bored and was ready to see some kids!! So get out and see him, before the lines get long! We will do no other Christmas stuff (besides shop) until after turkey day, cause usually I do one holiday at a time...but to save myself time seeing the fat man in the red suit before Thanksgiving will be our tradition now... ;) Started a new home school curriculum this week, we are using A World of far we love it!! There has been a little sickness running around the household and I have just not felt like being online this week. I get like this sometimes, just needed a break from the computer! Okay, so that was a long and drawn out on what has been going on around here..what have you been up to? Waxing a stache? ;)
Later Tators!! BTW the pic is not the greatest..the two on the end are not smiling, even though on most of the tries hubby was smiling..this is the pic where everyone was actually looking straight ahead!!:)
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