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Do you like to shop?

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:29pm
I have a problem I would like to share with you all, I am a shopaholic...yes I know I know..why..oh why do I have this problem and what oh what can I do about it? I must start at the beginning and tell the whole story. It all started when I was a teenager, I grew up with loving parents who had a very nice income between there you have the start...I.. was spoiled!! I got everything I needed and everything I wanted, and I LOVED IT!!!!!!! Then the sad part happened, I graduated and had to move out on my own. My world was wonderful until I realized that I had to pay the bills and buy my own clothes, food, and gas with the crappy salary I was making? I mean really, after shopping, there was not to much left for bills. What was I to do? Yes ladies we all know the answer to this. I got a credit card! Oh how I loved my card...Yes I need this and this and that...oh I was so happy! How are you going to pay for this? CHARGE!!!!!!! I mean my best friend was the same way, except she was she would hide her purchases in the trunk of her car, and when her hubby was not home she would sneak them in..he never saw this over and over with friends so I assumed shopping was ok...So to say the least I had a wonderful time spending, that is till I reached my credit card limit. Which I have to say was huge. Then it was time to pay it what did I do? You guessed it got another card and so on and so on. So there I was left with this huge debt to pay off...and girls that was not fun!! Where was all the things that I had spent all of this money on? Who knows! I did finally get all the cards paid off..which took forever! But I learned many things about shopping and debt. Thankfully I learned at a young age so today I really do not have to much debt. I have one credit card that I keep and it has a 500.00 limit for a reason...I'm a shopaholic and the low limit is easy to pay off! Cause see I still love to shop..even tho most of my shopping is not for me anymore, seems like I am always shopping for my kids..either it's school clothes or supplies, shoes, diapers, food, etc....But, when I do get to shop for myself I hit the Goodwill's, thrift stores, flea markets and shop away, with a huge smile on my face...Love to come out with a cart of stuff for less then much better then a cart of things for way over 100.00...I know there are women still out their that love their cards but as for this girl......Lesson Learned I pay in cash!!! :) So now it is your turn. How many cards do you? Or have you become a better shopper with age? Share your stories! :)

On the family side, It is Labor day weekend..and I am a little bored! I have emailed a million people for sponsorships for Kiersten's pageant but I really am not hearing any response. So she may not be able to do the pageant, cost is really high! Terry's car failed inspection needs I hate to think of the cost for that! The new diapers I have tried with Sebastian are terrible! Preston has not cleaned his room even tho I have asked a million times... And my child Tristan is standing here next to me telling me he wants to take a bath...Ahhhhhh the life of a southern, hippie, married, mom of four :) I guess I will get up and give Tristan a bath...cause in a few years he prolly will be fighting me not wanting to take baths...boys!! On the bright side of things...We need some things around here so I get to go shopping today!! :)
Later Tators!!
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