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Do you know your neighbors?

Posted Jan 12 2013 10:27pm

Sophie cracks me up. She played outside in this fancy dress and cloppity shoes (dress up shoes) today with Mitchell and his friend…..complete with guns in hand and ammunition. It was her Easter dress from last year and  I know I shouldn’t let her play hard outside in it but I actually love this tension of being a girly girl and able to keep up with the boys all at the same time.  And it was like 70 degrees today so why not. I thought about throwing some Easter eggs outside to hunt but I didn’t. And aren’t we glad. Speaking of Easter Eggs……Randy found the lost golden egg from last Easter in our front yard a few weeks ago! Sophie hid it for me and Randy last year and then forgot where she hid it and we couldn’t find it either. It had $5 in it and so seven months later we found it in the bushes. That’s so us. Sigh. And a slight laugh.

So. Our neighbors. We have great neighbors fortunately. They are older widows and we try to take over food every now and then. Their favorite is potato soup so I try to leave out a small bowl full whenever I make it. Tonight Sophie took over a serving of soup and she was so excited about it.

photo (65) photo (66)

She wanted to do it herself. So there she went like little pink riding hood. Down the steps, over the sidewalk and to next door she went.

photo (67)

Next we were off to visit and drop off some soup for a dear friend in our church, Ms. Sunshine. She is one of the funniest people I know and even though she’s been sick the last few weeks she still has the same whit and humor she’s always had.

photo (64)

Shine told us some funny stories about their neighbors who were also some of their best friends. They would play jokes on each other all the time. In her own words, “We were a little devilish.” My favorite story was how she bought “bullet holes” on a road trip once. She kept seeing signs for bullet holes and finally stopped and asked what they were. Basically they were stickers that looked like bullet holes in glass. So she bought some and brought them back and put them up on their neighbor’s picture window (three of them). She put them up when the neighbors weren’t there and then waited for when they came home and went over to check on them. The husband said, “Shine, we’re going to have to call the Sherriff because someone shot at our window three times!” She started laughing and then they knew she had pulled another prank on them.  Sunshine said she’d sit outside in her swing and soon her neighbor would come over and sit with her and they would talk and enjoy each other’s company. This was years ago when her children were growing up. She said, “We’re too busy to do things like that today.” I had to agree. I have a swing on my back porch and I can’t tell you the last time I sat on it….by myself, let alone with a neighbor. Busy is the word!

But I left Ms. Shine’s house determined to make more time for my neighbors. Determined to slow down and sit on our front porch more. Determined to know it’s not all going to get done and that’s just okay. People, neighbors, family, church family are more important than the next “to-do” on my list.

I still would kind of like to put “chill on the front porch” on my to-do list. Ha! Scheduled chill time. Now that’s a thought. I just feel better if I can check it off, ya know.

Okay, so am I the only one who struggles with this neighbor thing… far as making time and actually sitting down and talking with my neighbors? It’s easy to drop off food at a neighbor’s house but I’m talking about getting to know a neighbor. Do you do that? If so, what does it look like for you?

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