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Do you hold your bladder? For how long?

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:30pm

Ahem! I am guilty for abusing my bladder ALL THE TIME. And though I am guilty for that, I still do it. :P

I have the bad habit of holding my bladder, not going to the washroom, until at a level that I cannot hold it any more. My tense can be so immensed that even my facial expression changed, then only I’d make the trip to the toilet. LOL!

This usually happens when I’m working in the office, and the toilet is like 2-3 min walk away.

I think I abused my bladder too much that I have a weak bladder. The moment I feel the urge of going, I am at the verge of leaking! The moment I feel it, I had to go immediately - no more waiting.

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