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Do you have such a mole?

Posted Sep 29 2008 9:11pm

Do you have such a mole?


Hey, I noticed a few new moles on my body lately, so I went back to this site  to check out their meanings….Ermm…not gonna tell where the new moles position though…hee hee…

When I first discovered this site  some years back, I was surprise that one of the most prominent moles on my entire body actually meant something good. I have one mole each on each of my chest.

According to the site, the mole at this position suggests that I am blessed with obedient children who will bring me much happiness. They will make me proud of them.

Guess what? Allan have the exact same moles. Well, I am not so sure about how accurate the meaning of the moles on other parts of my body though, but this one sure hits the bull’s eye.

Keatkeat and Binbin are relatively more obedient as compared to other children of their age and they sure make us proud man!

Do you have such a mole too?

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