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Do parents get to sleep-in anymore?

Posted Feb 03 2011 8:42pm
My son and I started a family tradition a few years back of having sleepovers in the living room. We pull out our sleeping bags and a big pile of blankets and sleep on the floor. Sleepovers involve eating snacks while watching a movie (of his choosing) and staying up late. It’s great to see how excited he gets when we have a sleepover but just the thought of being able to sleep-in gets me excited.

With a new baby, or young children of any age, sleep is something most of us moms and dads daydream about and can never seem to get enough of. Yes, sleeping in sounds like a thing of the past even though I know how important it is – for all of us – to get plenty of rest.

February 19th is National Sleep-In Day and I’m hoping that we can take advantage of it by staying in our PJs a bit longer than usual that morning. My sister and her oldest son will be visiting so perhaps a sleepover the night before will also be on the agenda.

P.J. Salvage , a clothing line that makes cute and comfy pjs will be donating 500 pairs of pajamas to The Pajama Program , a non-profit organization that delivers books and pajamas to children and teens living in foster homes, awaiting adoption.

Celebrating its 10th year, The Pajama Program is a great way to get your family involved by donating new books or pajamas to kids that might not have someone to tuck them in each night.

In conjunction with National Sleep-In Day, P.J. Salvage wants to remind parents of the importance of getting a good night’s sleep:

  • Quality of sleep, not quantity, can improve overall health. Our bodies need deep sleep to metabolize glucose properly. People should generally aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night.
  • Sleep strengthens our mental muscle. It helps us focus, stay alert, think critically, creatively and logically. With sufficient sleep, we can set goals and plan to see them through.
  • Sleep directly affects physical performance by enhancing our reaction time and productivity to keep us on our A Game.
  • Sleep helps us stay fit. Without quality sleep, our body goes into starvation mode and releases stress and growth hormones that stimulate hunger and retain fat in our abdominal region. This often causes the appearance of a bloated or rounded tummy.
  • Sleep energizes us and allows us to motivate for our favorite activities. Sleep helps refuel our internal gas tank. When we’re on empty, we just can’t go because we’re too lethargic to move.
  • Sleep provides restorative time for worn down muscles and body parts. When we work out, we break down our muscles, which then need to rebuild to become stronger and leaner. Sleep is an essential part of that process. Without it our muscles can and won’t change and our bodies will feel sore for longer. Physical activity is not enough on it’s own to deliver weight loss and toning results. Sound sleep is just as important to sculpting a beautiful body.
Sleep comes in all shapes and sizes. Getting a catnap in on the couch does wonders for my afternoon – and my sanity.

Check out this awesome sleep chart that provides guidelines on how much sleep your little ones should be getting. My first son was sleeping through the night at three months, thanks to this chart.

Try to sleep when your baby sleeps. You’ll see the difference it makes when you follow that one simple suggestion. If only I could take my own advice.

Happy Healthy Hip Parenting
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