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Division of Labor

Posted Mar 05 2009 3:00pm
[WARNING!! This is a marriage rant. If you are sensitive to these sorts of tirades, please click away now. Because, as much as I love my husband, there are days I wonder what the hell I was thinking throwing kids into this mix. But really--he's a good man, tries hard, and does what he can. But today, not so much. And I need to vent about it.]

It's become apparent that my mornings are not created equal. When the alarm screeches us into the daylight hours (and I mean pulls our asses from sleep), my day is THROWN into full force. Here's the low down of how the day pans out:

- Typically the alarm wakes the baby who is asleep next to me before the husband can hit snooze for a second time. Which means, I'm up for the day.
- With The Peanut in hand, I trot down the hall to The Kiddo's room. Pat him nicely and report a school day.
- Go to The Peanut's room, find her clothing for the day. This can take 5 minutes or 20... depends on if I have to hold her the entire time, she grabs and throws clothes around and if the laundry is done
- Walk back into the bedroom, if husband is not awake, wake him. If he is awake, lie my daughter down and get into the changing diaper get dressed thing
- Walk back to my son's room and make sure he is awake. Remind him of school. Give the 2 minute warning ("You better be out of bed by the time I come back in here or I will choose what clothes you wear for the day!")
- Walk back to my room and head to the closet... must find my own clothes
- Wait! I have to go to the bathroom yet, head to the 2 nd bathroom.
- Check in on son... he's up (we hope!). Remind him, "Pick out your clothes now. Quickly so we aren't late!)
- Bathroom
- (Hopefully) Let daughter play on the floor
- Brush teeth, comb hair that has completely gone nuts after sleeping on it wet from the shower the night before
- Pick up screaming daughter
- Find the socks/underwear/sweatshirt my son can't find but HAS TO HAVE for school
- Back to my own closet, must find clothes
- Answer husband's request for where his lunch is, or what he need to remember that week.
- Help son with shirt. Remind him to head to the bathroom to go.. well go
- Find my shirt and pants
- Go to washer to find bra and underwear
- Pick up daughter who is now screaming
- Kiss husband good bye
- Let the dog outside
- Make sure son brushed his teeth (yes at 6 years old I have to smell his breath)
- Ask son to look for his snack for the day
- Collect all his backpack/school belongings so he can start getting ready
- Check hot lunch menu to make sure he likes it
- Let dog in and feed her
- Off to son's room to make sure the fish are fed
- Which reminds me of the cats... make sure they have food
- Put daughter down and have her fuss at my feet while I get my clothing on.
- Ask son to put snack in his backpack and his folder/ library book/homework/etc
- Let the dog back outside
- Give daughter "her toothbrush" to play while I use my own to do the tooth brushing
- Let dog in
- Put on make up
- Try hair do again
- Deodorant
- Pick up crying daughter. Put on her socks and shoes
- Order son to quit playing and put on his shoes, socks, jacket, snow-pants, hat, gloves...
- Find my own socks
- Shoes.
- Perfume
- Check clock and realize we are 5 minutes late
- Stop myself from screaming
- Put on my jacket. Jacket The Peanut
- Make sure son's backpack has all we need
- Maneuver all of us out the door and into the car....

And you see where this is going right? I take care of not only MYSELF, but The Peanut, Kiddo, 2 cats, dog, 2 fish... and my husband? Himself. Now you tell me, why I am so stressed each and every week day?
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