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Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm
You see this nifty little gadget? I ordered one from The Learning Curve website in August of 2008, right before Franky was born. It had high ratings and recommendations, so I ordered one. I figured, hey, a soother will be nice.

When I received the item, it didn't turn on. At all. I changed the batteries. It turned on all right, and made a hideous screeching, cranking sound. The thing sounded evil. The lights on top didn't work at all.

I contacted The Learning Curve and was finally put through to someone after holding for (you ready for this?)45minutes. I'm not even exaggerating. They told me that Kmart and Target stores sold them, so to attempt to return them there. Hmmm, that seemed kinda shady, but whatever. I attempted to return the defective soother to both places, and got the same response: send it back to the manufacturer.

I called again, this time getting through to someone after waiting 30 minutes. The second time around, the person ran me through some troubleshooting and told me that should work just fine. I did EXACTLY what the guy told me to, and guess what? The soother still didn't work.

I sent out an e-mail and got no response. I sent another one last week and explained that I wasn't asking for a handout. I wasn't asking for my money back. I just wanted an even exchange. I wanted to send them the defective product they sent me, in return for one that works. Their response?


Thank you for your email. Unfortunately you are past our 90-day warranty as you ordered the item in August of 2008, so we won't be able to replace the item. 

Customer Services"

Listen, I'm a logical, understanding person, so I understand the 90 day thing. But the thing is, I tried contacting them THREE times within that 90 days, and each time, I was told that if worse came to worst, I could just send it back. So after more than a YEAR of going back and forth, they're going to tell me they can't do anything for me? Not cool.

I thought about ordering another one through their website and returning the bad one, but why should I have to go through the trouble when THEY'RE the ones who sent me a bad product to begin with? And then, judging by the poor customer service I've already received, they'll give me a hard time about refunding my money. I'm so disappointed. Especially since I like Learning Curve products, but I can guarantee they lost a customer in me. I'll go with a different brand from now on.

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